2020 RavenWood Virtual Experience Music Festival

The dream to showcase music and the arts in a festival setting in Sherwood Park, Alberta began back in 2007. A society was formed and in 2019, the 1st Annual RavenWood Experience Music Festival was launched. The plan for the 2nd Annual event was halted by the Covid-19 Pandemic for a short time but on April 28th, 2020, the Music Society of Strathcona County released a statement that the festival would continue for 2020 but in a virtual format. With another eclectic lineup and a live stream from SoundLab Studios, the Raven Wood Virtual Experience will broadcast on Friday, August 21st, 2020 and on Saturday, August 22nd, 2020.

There is no charge to attend as the Festival will be a live stream. But we will set up a portal to accept donations. As a non-profit society, we must raise all our funds to present the Festival each year. A donation of “pay what you can” will help support the costs of this year’s Festival and our future years as well. Every penny counts and matters! Thank you for considering a donation of any amount to RavenWood for the 2020 Experience.



Aug 21 - 22 2020
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