Dave Gunning & J.P. Cormier

Two of Canada’s greatest roots singer-songwriters have finally done what everybody’s wanted — heck, what they’ve wanted — for years. Dave Gunning and J.P. Cormier are releasing their first album together, called Two. Great friends, frequent collaborators, co-writers and touring partners, the pair has been talking about this album since pretty much the day they met. Now it’s here, and it’s everything fans hoped and dreamed it would be. Two is as real as it gets. Two songwriters, interpreters, guitar players and singers at their peak. It’s the power of song, the highest quality from the past to the now. It’s two friends, brothers, uncompromising performers, making the album of their lives. There couldn’t be a better time to discover Gunning & Cormier, and the power of ‘Two’.  https://www.fortsask.ca/en/things-to-do/events.aspx

davegunning.com |  jp-cormier.com


Mar 14 2023


7:30 pm




Dow Centennial Centre
Fort Saskatchewan, AB
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