Fort Saskatchewan Shell Theatre – Leahy: Celtic Roots and Christmas Cheer

Looking for a lively and festive performance to kick off the holidays? Look no further than Celtic Roots and Christmas Cheer, a moving concert featuring the award winning Canadian musical group, Leahy. With deep roots in Canadian folk and Celtic music culture, Leahy will enthrall you with their infectious energy, impressive musicianship, and dynamic performance.

Lose yourself in a captivating mix of original Leahy songs and tunes, along with traditional Canadian, Irish, Scottish and French-Canadian music. Be mesmerized with their spectacular French-Canadian step-dancing and, in keeping with the season, be gladdened with classic Christmas songs and carols, all infused with Leahy’s signature contemporary style.

Leahy: Celtic Roots and Christmas Cheer is a celebration of family, friends, and community. Whether you’re a fan of Celtic music and dance, or simply looking for an uplifting and festive performance, you’re heartily invited and welcome to join the party! Get ready for an infusion of joy that will stay with you long after the show is over!

LEAHY is a Canadian powerhouse of dynamic musicians and songwriters from one family, known for thrilling audiences with their musicianship, passionate vocals, and step-dancing. Accomplished multi-instrumentalists, their high-energy live performance reveals the special chemistry between the band members through their instruments, melodies and layered harmonies. Crossing genres, LEAHY combines vocals, piano, fiddle, button accordion, drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitars with contemporary influences that pushes their sound to the edge of folk-rock, always infused by the family’s traditional music roots.


Nov 24 2023