Lac La Biche Wife Carrying Championship

Alberta Wife Carrying Championship

First Alberta Competition sanctioned by the North American Wife Carrying
Championship in accordance with the North American rules and regulations.
The wife carrying race is held in conjunction with the Lakeland Country Fair
on Saturday, July 15 th , at 2:00PM at the Lac La Biche Agricom Rodeo grounds.

• Competitors: Teammates are not required to be legally married and must
be a minimum of 20 years of age.
• Competition: Competitors run the course two at a time with the two
fastest teams qualifying for the final heat.
• Course: Length of course is 254m/278 yards with dry and wet
• Prize: Winning team gets the wife’s weight in beer and 5 times her
weight in cash with the runner up team getting half that
• Entry Fee: $25 per couple includes a meal following the race.

For more information about the Alberta Wife Carrying

Championship and to register, go to:


Jul 15 2023


Lac La Biche
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