St. Paul With All My Heart Exhibit

The St. Paul and District Arts Foundation is excited to present a free-of-charge immersive multimedia art installation from visionary Artistic Director Joshua Wolchansky that explores four artists’ creative process through the Covid-19 pandemic, and the universal need for connection and community.

The St. Paul and District Arts Foundation is an Alberta-based, charitable arts education centre that supports arts development and enrichment for St. Paul and the surrounding area. They provide a home for making, learning, and appreciating art in all its forms, and bring community together to make art possible.

“The St Paul & District Arts Foundation is thrilled to have With All My Heart as our newest exhibit. It represents everything the art foundation pushes for in its mandate; making the arts accessible and approachable for professional artists, future artists, and art appreciators alike.”

  • Anna Pratch, Executive Director, St. Paul and District Arts Foundation

“With All My Heart is about bringing people together. In a time that’s filled with division, we want to focus on the universal human experience. The pandemic brought our need for art to centre stage – forgive the pun. Whether we watched films or performances online, or took up hobby art like beading, the arts gave us a sense of grounding in a time of uncertainty. I’m so excited to showcase these artists’ projects, and hope that people find a sense of personal connection and relevance through the artists’ stories.”

-Joshua Wolchansky, Artistic Director, With All My Heart

Project Description

With All My Heart is a one-of-a-kind immersive multimedia installation that allows guests to roam through four artists’ creative space, giving a unique glimpse into an artist’s mind and creative process. Guests are welcome to pick up items through the room, leaf through the artists’ journals, take a seat on their sofa and listen to curated soundscapes that incorporate their artistic identity and vlogs, audio journal entries, and recorded interviews. 

Four artists have created their unique version of a love letter to their community, crafted in their unique art and incorporating their lived experience. Through their experiences over the Covid-19 pandemic of love, loss, connection, and bringing new life into our world, With All My Heart explores our universal need for connection and community.


Mar 26 - 31 2023


11 AM to 7 PM daily
All Day


St. Paul and District Arts Foundation
4822 50 Ave, St. Paul, Alberta


St. Paul & District Arts Foundation
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