Wainwright Run for Support Dogs

Run for Support Dogs will continue to be a Wainwright Runners virtual race held on May Long Weekend and extend until May 29th. This year it consists of a Virtual 100 Miler, 100Km, 50k, Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 10K, 5k walk/run and Canine 5K (dog only). Also we added a full and metric century bike distances.  This event is to raise money so enjoy a new challenge. To make this event unique (besides the cool swag) you have no route or cutoff. Pick a distance and do it all at once or take your long weekend time. The only rules are: 1) Your watch or time needs to start and run continuous as soon as you start until you are finished your FULL distance. 2) You can start any time from Friday the 20th (0001hrs if you want to be first done) and finish before Sunday noon on the 29th. 3) To get that finish we need that total time but go ahead and take that break, nap or day off and finish just record it all (charge that watch or phone up if you plan to go long!).

For more information visit https://raceroster.com/events/2022/55596/run-for-support-dogs-2022


May 20 - 29 2022


Wainwright, Alberta
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