Celebrate Father’s Day East of Edmonton

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Father’s Day is just around the corner and we thought we’d give you some things to consider doing with dad throughout the Go East of Edmonton region.

Our Travel Guide and website have numerous ideas for Father’s Day, instead of reading about it….Experience it and spend the day creating new memories!

We’ve got 10 ideas for a fun day with dad this Father’s Day:

  1. Spend the day golfing. We have some great courses to choose from all across the region – Whitetail Crossing in Mundare, Rolling Greens Fairway in Lloydminster, Coal Creek Golf Resort near Ryley – to name just a few.
  2. Go on a fishing trip. Pack a cooler of refreshments and spend the whole day with dad in the beauty of one of the many lakes in our beautiful region.
  3. Spend the weekend camping with dad. Check out the Camping section on our website for lots of great camping locations.
  4. Movie Night. Take the stress out of life for the whole day and have a movie marathon with all of dad’s favourites. Order in and use paper plates so there is no work involved for anyone at all. Check out the Restaurants section on our website for some great food ideas.
  5. Go bike riding. Take out the bikes and helmets and go for a bike ride. Maybe down some country roads or maybe along trails such as the beautiful trail systems throughout Sherwood Park. Check out our Outdoor Adventure section for more ideas.
  6. Visit historic sites.  Why not make a day of it with dad and do a historic sites tour? The Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village east of Sherwood Park, Metis Crossing near Smoky Lake, Fort George & Buckingham House and Victoria Settlement near Smoky Lake – these are a few sites to consider.
  7. Work on a project together. Maybe he’s been wanting to build a firepit in the yard? Why not show up with all of the supplies needed and build it with him? Or a birdhouse if he loves to bird watch. In the Lloydminster area, you can find all the supplies you’ll need at Home Hardware. Check out the Shopping section on our website for more places to shop at.
  8. Go hiking. If dad is enthusiastic about fitness and outdoor activities, a day of hiking might be just the gift for him this Father’s Day. Pack your gear, lace up your boots and head over to Elk Island National Park for a day of hiking and wildlife sightings.
  9. Take a Day Tour. Get in the car in the morning and just go sightseeing across the region. We have a beautiful countryside with interesting towns and communities scattered throughout. Check out the ‘Go’ tab on our website and pick a route to tour with dad.
  10. Take dad to a Father’s Day event. Consider the popular Father’s Day Show n’ Shine Event in Vegreville. We also have more events happening throughout the weekend on our Facebook page or see our events section for more ideas.


What will you choose to do? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment to let us know how you’ll be celebrating the holiday with your dad.