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This is just a condensed list as we have over 200 locations in the Edmonton Capital Region.

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I just want to say that I love what you're doing. I grew up in Vegreville so I deeply love the area and it's nice to see it have a light shone on it.
Brayn Kulba (2022)
This has been my Summer go to Magazine and has brought kids and I to many places and some darn good homemade eats at Mom and Pop places.
Tammy Lucas (2022
Especially love the 'Go East of Edmonton Travel Guide' I know a lot of people who share the same sentiments as I do regarding the Guide!"
Colette Borgun, Lac La Biche County Councillor (2022)
Thank you for one of the most complete travel guides available. There is something for everyone and you have captured it so well. Love Alberta!
Reader Connie (2022)
Never stop doing the Go East Guide, we used it all summer during Covid to go visit other communities, it was great!
Vivian from Vegreville (2022)
Did you know tourists from other countries LOVE your magazine? They use it to check out places in East Central Alberta to visit and then take it as a souvenir as it fits in a suitcase very easily.
Budding Ideas, Killam (2022)
Always look at your Go East Magazine to plan for things to do around the summer. I really enjoy it!
1-888 Caller (2022)
Congratulations on the beautiful book. Very nice!
Phyllis, Vegreville (2022)
Very nice book this year!
Marcia, Hairy Hill Rodeo (2022)
Love your daytrips and suggestions for the Edmonton area. You're our first place to look at for ideas when we're planning one.
Valerie, Edmonton (2022)
We just want to extend our thanks for the wonderful guide you provide each year - Go East of Edmonton. We had a lovely drive yesterday and took in a few of the communities along the route.
Debbie from Sherwood Park (2022)
My wide and I have been using the Go East Guide for years now and just love it!
Tom (2022)
Awesome Book! Traveling through Vegreville, ate at Boston Pizza and on the way out picked up a Go East Guide and loved it!
Traveller (2022)
I hear from a lot of people Go East is the place to go for information for this region of Alberta and the website is phenomenal.
Village of Chipman (2020)
You do a fabulous job! You are very good at promoting tourism. We are really fortunate to have a group like you promoting the region.
Pat, Resident from Tofield (2020)
I found the pysanka by accident while lost a few years ago. What a stop! What an amazing day! Went in the info building and got my first copy of Go East of Edmonton. Now we regularly stop by on our annual adventures powered by Go East!
Victoria, Facebook follower (2020)
First, let me say how great I think your website looks. It’s well-organized and attractive. It makes great use of photos that illustrate the copy. As a former newspaper editor, I appreciate such things. Best wishes for continued success with your website. I think you are providing a valuable service for the region you serve.
Derek, Lethbridge resident (2020)
The roadtrip game was a great promotion to get people out to the area. You did an excellent job adapting during Covid. The travel guide, [Go East of Edmonton], is really important this year to help promote business across the region.
Scott, Business owner in Vegreville (2020)
I am sure your research shows that Go East of Edmonton has done more for awareness and prosperity of small towns then any government program ever did.
Ron-Pat, Facebook follower (2020)
Love it! Use it all the time. I’ve gone to so many places this year that I wouldn’t have known about without the Go East of Edmonton guide.
Alicia, Village of Paradise Valley (2020)
Lots of business coming in from Go East of Edmonton!
Isabelle, Waterfront Harbour Bed & Breakfast in Cold Lake (2020)
Great traffic from all over supporting the club. Thanks to all.
Doug, Daysland Golf Club (2020)
We had a good year with lots of new customers. The marketing was good and we had a number of people came from Go East of Edmonton who used the coupon for golf. We should go with a bigger ad next year to reach even more people.
Manager, Smoky Lake Golf Club (2019)
We saw the increase in guests, some who commented to us, “we saw you in the Go East of Edmonton Magazine”! We received new guests from the magazine or E-pages and they were strong guests, the kind that we will see again!! We really appreciate the effort you all put into such a great asset to our region!!
Hamilton House Bed and Breakfast, Cold Lake, Alberta (2019)
We get a lot of business from the Go East magazine and they are great supporters of ours.
Twisted Fork, St. Paul, Alberta (2019)
No one has more tourism experience, nor more knowledge than you at Go East!
Community Futures Lac La Biche (2019)
Reaching our audiences is only made stronger by our partners who helps us reach them. We would never get our message out without the support of partners like the folks at Go East of Edmonton! Thank you for all that you do to promote tourism and economic development in rural Alberta!
Friends of the Battle River Railway, Forestburg, Alberta (2019)
I am complimenting you and your staff on an excellent publication of “Go East of Edmonton” this year. I found this year more informative. Past years were very good but this year is the best! Great job!
Reader from Edmonton, Alberta (2019)
The Go East of Edmonton Travel Guide is a beautiful and comprehensive guide. Well done. Congratulations!
Reader from Edmonton, Alberta (2019)
This guide is a pure gem. Your magazine is awesome!
Reader from Edmonton, Alberta (2019)
We love Go East of Edmonton! Thanks for the support!
Spiro's Restaurant, Lloydminster, Alberta (2019)
Thank you for your awesome Facebook page!
Fan from St. Paul, Alberta (2019)
You have helped local tourism businesses who have said up to 50% of their business came from "Go East"
AB Labour Bonnyville-Lakeland Office (2019)
You do an amazing job to promote our local communities and events", said during an Alberta Tourism Workshop in St. Paul
Hampton Inn and MCSNet and others. (2019)