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How to Play...

How to Get Ahead in the Game

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  1. Game starts June 1 and ends August 31, 2021.
  2. Plan a fun Roadtrip or Getaway with your family using this Travel Guide. You can choose one or all of the regions and Go! See the Game Map. Go Northeast...Go East...Go Southeast of Edmonton!
  3. You and your kids can collect FREE fun Icon Stickers at the Sticker Stations in 42 Communities. Download Sticker Stations below.
  4. Download the Gameboards below. You must present your Gameboard at the Sticker Stations to collect your sticker. Note: the maximum number of Gameboards per family is 4.
  5. Sticker Stations are now closed as of August 31, 2021 – but you have until September 7, 2021 to upload your Gameboards and enter for the prizes.
  6. Don’t delay your entries - the sooner you enter, the sooner you are up on the Wall on Fame on our website. Check the Wall of Fame and see who’s entered and see some great photos from this year’s game!

Need inspiration to plan your trip?

Check out the awesome new Roadtrip Videos at

Check out the amazing new Website with detailed webpages featuring everything to see and do from our  communities, attractions, businesses, outdoor adventures & much more.


Three ways to play and enter…

Collect stickers, apply them to the correct box, and enter once you have 7 or more stickers. To enter, take a picture of your gameboard and upload it to our Wall of Fame at: between June 1 and August 31, 2021

Post your trip daily with our hashtags to enter for monthly and bonus prizes: use #goroadtrips2021 and #goeastofedmonton. Enter as many times as you want between June 1 - August 31, 2021.

Note: you do not have to collect stickers to enter on social media or the Photo Contest. Any type of leisure trip in our region will qualify to enter.

Your roadtrip photos will automatically be entered in our 2021 Photo Contest using our hashtags #goroadtrips2021 and #goeastofedmonton

Note: The Roadtrip Adventure Game is FREE to Play. No purchase is necessary to collect stickers and enter for prizes. Wear a mask, social distance and play safe! 

Due to COVID-19 we reserve the right to make changes for appropriate health and safety needs.

Questions? Review the Comprehensive Guide to Rules, Details and Prizes below or 
Call: 1-888-632-8755 E: 


Gameboard Entries
7 Prizes - $100 to $1000 Prize Packages

3 - Lucky 7 Prizes
Once you have any 7 stickers collected on one gameboard, you can enter your gameboard for a minimum $100 prize package.

3 - Regional Prize Packages
Get all stickers from a region and you can enter your completed gameboard for a minimum $500 prize package and each regional winner gets a Champion Checkered Flag.

1 - Blackjack Prize Package
Get 7 stickers in all 3 regions or get 21 or more stickers overall on any of your gameboards, and you can enter your gameboards for a minimum $500 prize package including a Champion Checkered Flag.

1 - King or Queen of the Road Ultimate Prize Package
You get every community sticker on all 3 gameboards and you can enter for the Ultimate Prize Package of over $1000 and a Champion Checkered Flag.


$200 in Monthly Prizes
PRIZES for Social Media Entries: We are giving away a minimum of $200 in prizes monthly - June, July & August.
Over $500 in Cash Prizes

PRIZES for Photo Contest Entries: We will have a BEST Roadtrip Photo Category and other categories. Post your photo and you could win.

Over $500 in cash prizes for the 2021 Photo Contest. Full contest details at

2021 Go East of Edmonton Roadtrip Adventure Game Details:

Details on locations and participating stops / why go there below.

GO NorthEast

Download the Gameboard & Sticker Station Information Below

GO East

Download the Gameboard & Sticker Station Information Below

GO SouthEast

Download the Gameboard & Sticker Station Information Below

Why you should Play the Roadtrip Adventure Game in 2021!

Our family shared a lot of laughs

Thanks again for a wonderful roadtrip game. Our family shared a lot of laughs and made plenty of memories this summer.


Legal resident

Thank you so much for making this game

My wife, Sarah Ryan, and I just completed the Northeast of Edmonton section of the Go East Roadtrip Adventure. We had a wonderful time! We’d been to a lot of the places for work before, but never to explore as vacationers. Thank you so much for making this game!


Edmonton resident

It was so much fun

We had such a great time doing this challenge with the kids. It was so much fun and got so many pictures we can’t wait until next year’s roadtrip adventure. Using the website as well as the magazine, Go East of Edmonton, to plan the trip definitely made it effortless.

Casey & Michelle

Spruce Grove residents

A great introduction to the small towns

We had a lot of fun on this roadtrip as we combined it with the “World’s Largest” roadtrip we planned on doing, so it worked perfectly. It was a great introduction to the small towns on the east side of Edmonton as we’ve been here for 6 years now, and we all enjoyed the scenic routes as well. The sticker stops felt like the pitstops in the Amazing Race. Thanks, and I guess until the next adventure game.

Alek, Elenita, and Liam

Edmonton residents

Kudos to the team that put this game together

This is a great idea and something we are thoroughly enjoying doing. Kudos to the team that put this game together. I look forward to next year’s version and will keep an eye out for it.


Edmonton resident

We had so much fun

Here is our game board for the Adventure roadtrip! We had so much fun touring around; thank you so much for the fun ideas!


Fort Saskatchewan resident

A great idea

This was a great idea. We are glad we did it!


Edmonton resident

The kids had a blast

Thank you for facilitating and organizing this event! We just found out about it two weeks ago and went crazy trying to get stickers. The kids had a blast and we hope one of us wins a prize!

River View

River View. North Saskatchewan River from our family farm (Lutyck), new Willingdon/Hairy Hill). Photographed by: Wanda Lutyck-Neufeld...

Desjarlais Crossing

Desjarlais Crossing @ North Saskatchewan River. Willingdon/Hairy Hill area. Photographed by: Wanda Lutyck-Neufeld...

Window to the West

Window to the West. Ispas (near Hairy Hill/Willingdon). Photographed by: Wanda Lutyck-Neufeld...

Prairies in Autumn

Prairies in Autumn, near Willingdon. Photo Credit: Wanda Lutyck-Neufeld...

Lazy Loon

Loon enjoy a lanky swim on Marie Lake, Ab....


Branding, a part of our heritage...


Branding calves, part of our heritage...