11th Annual Mayors Luncheon Summit

Welcome to the 11th Annual Mayors Luncheon Summit!

Come join Gateway Association and partners at Northeast River Valley Park in Edmonton, AB, Canada for a day filled with insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and delicious food. The inception of the Mayor’s Luncheon traces back to a legacy project that followed the hosting of the 2012 Special Olympics Winter Games by St. Albert, marking the beginning of what would become a cornerstone event for advocacy and inclusion.

Over the past seven years, the luncheon has seen remarkable growth, evolving into a must-attend event that now welcomes over 200 guests annually. Its success is a testament to the collective effort and commitment of communities across Alberta to embrace and advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Mayors from across Alberta, and even some from beyond, make it a point to attend every year, underscoring the event’s significance and reach. Notably, the Capital Region’s mayors, especially Mayor Cathy Heron of St. Albert, have shown exceptional dedication to this cause. Their ongoing support and leadership have been instrumental in enhancing the luncheon year after year, ensuring it remains a vibrant, impactful, and enriching experience for all involved.

This year, as we prepare to host another Mayor’s Luncheon, we are filled with anticipation and excitement for the opportunity to continue building on this legacy. We look forward to welcoming new and returning guests, sharing insights, celebrating achievements in inclusive employment, and setting the stage for future advancements. Together, we are making strides towards a more inclusive society, one where every individual, regardless of disability, has the opportunity to contribute, participate, and lead.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to hear from prominent speakers, participate in engaging panels, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the park.

We look forward to seeing you there!


May 21 2024


8:30 am - 3:30 pm




Northeast River Valley Park
903 153 Avenue Northeast Edmonton, AB T5Y 6K8


Gateway Association