Go East of Edmonton Wins Tourism Marketing Award!

Jolene Kisilevich 2018 Let's Go Summer Campaign, Announcement, Awards

We are very excited to announce that at the recent Growing Rural Tourism Conference in Camrose, Go East of Edmonton Regional Tourism was awarded the Rural Tourism Marketing Award.

From 2017, and going into 2018, we are seeing great results in our marketing campaigns. Public demand and traffic is up for every marketing activity of Go East of Edmonton. “The travel guide is in such demand, (current distribution of 70,000 copies), that it runs out early; and by the end of summer we don’t have any more copies to distribute,” said Kevin Kisilevich, head of Marketing and Development. The website and social media traffic is more than doubling every year!”

What is interesting is that for a region that is known to have one of the best print and traditional marketing, we are also excelling at our digital marketing campaigns, effectively using Google and Facebook. The interest and positive support for “Go East” has never been so strong. In fact, five more communities have joined us, bringing the total number to over 50. All of the communities have supported our need for increased funding so we can achieve more for the region,” added Kisilevich.

The award caps off the great work done by the organization and its community partners who helped implement these online marketing campaigns.

“Two years ago I proposed to the board to activate a new digital and content marketing strategy while maintaining our other marketing activities. Since then with the positive support of the board, the exemplary work and outstanding dedication of digital media manager Jolene, administrator Donna with the Go East team, and Trevor along with his team at Strong Coffee Marketing; they have all helped contribute to this growth – a real team effort. I am pleased to have been a part of this success, and we are looking forward to the future and the greater potential for Go East of Edmonton to reach even more people,” noted Kisilevich.

Once again we’d like to thank all our community partners for their support.


Go East Regional Tourism Organization