Nadine’s Fresh Food Scene: Grow It – Eat It – Live It!

Jolene Kisilevich Announcement, Bruderheim, East of Edmonton, Highway 15, Lamont County, Local Food

NEW at Thiel’s Greenhouses in Bruderheim…A project you can SINK your teeth into!

Thiel’s Greenhouse is expanding into hydroponic fresh food!


Nadine’s Fresh Food Scene:

Grow it – Eat it – Live it

The short story:

Get really cool gifts and experiences to help reach a goal. It’s holiday shopping and you know where your dollars are going.

Nadine is getting new equipment to grow fresh local food and is crowdfunding through the Alberta Treasury Branch BoostR campaign. It engages the whole community in her project and you can get involved by clicking on the ATB BoostR website above. Find something you like, a great gift or a cool unique experience, and boost! There’s even greenhouse gift cards that offer a discount for your spring 2018 plants or planting party events for a whole group!

It just that simple. You buy a reward from the site and your dollars/contribution go directly to the project – a fresh greens hydroponic system! It’s shopping with a distinct intention and administered via the ATB system. Safe and secure.

The ‘kicker’ – Nadine must hit her minimum target of $25,000 in 45 days or no funds are released . . .

It’s ALL or NOTHING by November 27th!

Learn more and get great stuff. . .

Support community and business partnerships

Please BOOST!