Biking Trails around Camrose

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Exploring Camrose means you can switch from parkland to urban amenities quite quickly: Hidden behind the main streets and downtown Camrose is an expansive system of parks, ponds, and creeks, all lined with paved bike paths. The city has even made it safe and easy to cross the main highway with pedestrian underpasses.
You can venture out on a Camrose bike tour on any side of the city, and explore via residential streets, the paths, or a combo of both.
We’ll guide you on a direct route that brings your bike tour through the centre of the city, beginning in the spacious Creekview Park. The bright fall colours of the mature trees create beautiful scenery through to downtown, and there are many places to stop and photograph along the way. Or, stop for a picnic with your guide to the perfect picnic in Camrose.

Creekview Park

This easy-breezy starting point brings you down into the Stoney Creek valley via a steep but super-fun hill with a dramatic view at the bottom: a large trestle bridge that arches over the path. You can venture south on the grassy cross-country ski hills, but they do not extend much further beyond here. To the north, you’ll follow dense forest and eventually arrive at the Camrose Ski Club (the hill will be quite noticeable). The hill taking you out of the valley will bring you to either the residential area on the left or towards Rotary Park on the right.

Mirror Lake Park

All bike paths in Camrose lead to Mirror Lake Park! As you cruise through the central parklands in Camrose, you’ll pass Four Seasons Rotary Park and Jubilee Park. The riding along these paths is quite fun and easy, with many small inclines and hills. You’ll have to cross over 48th Avenue and make a right on the sidewalk to continue towards Mirror Lake, where you will find the Camrose Visitor Information Centre and public washrooms. Before you continue on your bike travels, stop and enjoy the urban scenery. The large lake is home to several waterfowl species to watch for as well as picnic tables and benches, a bustling place on any afternoon.

Loop to 50th Ave & Grand Drive

After sightseeing around Mirror Lake and when you’re ready to travel onward you can loop around the entire lake via the pathway. This takes you north towards the Camrose Golf Course from where you’ll hook a right (east) and ride through residential Camrose towards downtown. This portion of the ride through the city still offers plenty of lush fall colours and trees. After about 7km of biking, downtown is a good place to stop for a snack, more water, and a washroom break. All along downtown and the historic Camrose area are locally owned eateries where you can pick up breakfast, lunch, dinner, or some sweets.

Downtown Camrose

This is the part of the tour where you can lock up along Mainstreet and browse the local shops, rest your legs, or fuel up. You’ll have close to twenty restaurants to choose from including Fiona’s Coffee & Gifts or the Fox and Fable Book & Game Cafe, both of which offer dining and shopping. There is a lot more shopping as well with downtown boutique shops that offer unique gifts, locally crafted health and beauty products, clothing, books, and art.

The Return Trip

Without stops, returning to the south side of Camrose or Creekview Park takes about 20-minutes to half an hour. Your whole bike ride through the city can total about 15-20km, depending on how much exploring you do along the way, or if you decide to create your own paths.