Tuning in to Vermilion

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Ski, eat, drink and soak up good vibes

Jeremy Derksen for #SkiNorthAB

Amber Howard strikes a tuning fork and places it, vibrating, on my chest. It reverberates through my core. Crystal therapy is not an experience I would have anticipated from a small town in northeastern Alberta, but Vermilion is always full of surprises.

Locals here support new ideas, creative thinkers and entrepreneurs. Maybe, being a regional hub for cross-country skiing, rowing and academics (among other things), embracing positive momentum is just part of the local ethos. Whatever the source, this quiet prairie town is a good place to recharge your energy and soak up some good vibrations.

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Positive momentum
Back in 1974, when Canadian Olympic Nordic skier Beckie Scott was just a bump insider her mom Jan’s belly, her parents and some of their friends lobbied Vermilion to establish ski trails in Vermilion Provincial Park. To this day, the trails continue to churn out elite cross-country athletes, but there are trails for all levels and a beautifully spacious, heritage clubhouse.

Good vibes…

Using different “flavours” of light, crystals and a tuning fork, Amber Howard of Lighten Up Therapy treats natural deficiencies within the body based on bodily resistance testing and diagnosis. For the more traditional problems like stiff muscles, the wellness studio also offers more typical treatments like massage.

… And good spirits
Experimenting with flavours of rhubarb, raspberry, and almond, the brains behind Copper Cork Distillery are creating new flavour experiences with their craft spirits. From bottle design to still names, local artistry and heritage inform everything at Copper Cork.

Filling your plate
After a ski or a hike through Vermilion Provincial Park, Red Brick Cafe is the perfect place to warm up and refuel. Crepes, home style soups and artisanal sandwiches and baked goods rotate daily, against a finely curated decor of vintage skis, suitcases, antique furniture and red brick that looks like something out of a Portlandia set.

To recap, just reread the subheaders: positive momentum, good vibes and good spirits filling your plate. In a nutshell, that’s Vermilion.

When You Go

Want to learn about how rad the vibes in Vermilion are? Read this story on SnowSeekers: https://www.snowseekers.ca/story/vermilion-vibes

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