Discover Plamondon’s Memory Lane

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Local heritage of art, nature, and community offers a soothing escape

– Jeremy Derksen for #TakeItToTheLake

Here’s your invitation to #TakeItToTheLake!

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If you’ve ever gone back to visit your childhood home after many years away, you know the sensation. Everything is familiar but somehow smaller. In the Plamondon Mini Parc Heritage Park, this sensation is magnified on a scale of about 50:1.

The 20 or so houses, churches and stores in the park are replicas standing about 1.25 metres/4 feet high. Like the hamlet of Plamondon itself, one of the few officially bilingual places in Alberta, it evokes a certain nostalgia.

The laid-back pace of the hamlet of Plamondon, and the rich local heritage and the living history in the area make it an excellent place to enjoy a simple, soothing escape.

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Enjoy Art’s Healing Effect

Local artist Noella Somerville has opened up her studio Healing à la Source as an Économusée, where she offers workshops in making stained glass, leatherwork and traditional drums.

Discover Alberta’s Francophone Heritage

Art has been central to the Plamondon area since the beginning. At the Plamondon Museum, that heritage of music and art, trapping, living off the land and community spirit is retold in artifacts.

Picnic and Stroll through the Mini-Parc Heritage Park

If you’re in Plamondon, the collection of over 20 pint-sized replicas of the historic buildings in the community is a must-see stop. The novelty of feeling gigantic next to the tiny houses is fun, but before long you may find yourself feeling miniature too as you reflect on the decades of history these houses represent.

Relax by the Lake

Central to all of this, are the waters of Lac La Biche. At Plamondon White Sands Resort, you can soak in the peace and quiet and walk the sandy shores of a place that has existed since long before settlers arrived.

Get out and find some space this summer; this is your invite to #TakeItToTheLake.

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