Go East: #TakeItToTheLake Creators’ Showcase Highlights Rural Northeast Alberta

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– Jeremy Derksen for #TakeItToTheLake

Is there a resurgence in rural entrepreneurialism in northeastern Alberta? A new crop of artists, outfitters and entrepreneurs stepping to the fore in communities like Lac La Biche, Athabasca, Bonnyville region and Vermilion would suggest so.  Go East of Edmonton and Festival Seekers have teamed up with the region to bring you a #TakeItToTheLake Creators Showcase – starting Aug 5 and every Wednesday through Sept 2.

The #TakeItToTheLake Showcase Has so much to Uncover….

RSVP today at TakeItToTheLake Creator Showcase – Alberta on Facebook and go backstage to how Alberta NE creators do what they do TakeItToTheLake Creator Showcase.

  • Take Aniwye Adventures. Launched in the unpredictable economic climate of summer 2020, in an unproven location, they saw a unique opportunity to engage the local Lac La Biche community in outdoor adventure and took a risk. Join Aniwye when they go live Aug 5 from Lac La Biche County to learn more.
  • In Bonnyville region, Kim Grey opened his new fishing guide business the winter of 2019-20, and has now expanded to summer offerings. As the authorized dealer for T.C. Moto, he is an expert in the various bait and lure options for fishing, and he has also begun sourcing locally made options from the region as well. He’ll be sharing some fishing tips on Aug 12.
  • Old School Cheesery in Vermilion county is only the sixth craft cheesemaker to operate in Alberta, but their signature products are hitting shelves and menus all over the province.  Learn how to make cheese Aug 19 with the creators of Old School Cheesery.
  • Athabasca Boat Rentals, another brand new business for 2020, is transforming the regional watersports scene, by making it easy for those who want to get out and enjoy time on the water to do it without the steep cost and learning curve of owning their own.  Hit the river in Athabasca with us Aug 26 to learn more.
  • Noella Summerville, a stained glass artisan whose work adorns the church in Janvier (Lac La Biche County), AB, offers workshops in glass, leather and drum making arts, with a focus on the restorative effects of art on the human psyche.   Noella is stoked to go live as well on Aug 5 to teach you how to do stained glass.
  • Or how about Metis Crossing (just an hour and a half north of Edmonton), who in 2020 have launched, and are allowing anyone to book a private experience that will transform. Canada’s newest Indigenous attraction is providing any respectful traveller with the opportunity to Meet The Metis via an experience where we learn from them how the destination’s original inhabitants crafted their sustainable future. Meet The Metis yourself, join us on their Facebook page for Metis Crossing’s showcase day on Sept 2.

What do these creative enterprises all have in common? Aside from all being based in Alberta’s northeast, it’s simply that you have likely never heard of most of them. (Kudos to you if you have!)


There’s more to each of these stories and many more like them in their communities.

Go East of Edmonton and Festival Seekers think it’s time they got the attention they deserve. That’s why we will be hosting this new online festival, #TakeItToTheLake Creators Showcase, to shine the spotlight their way.

Each Wednesday from August 5 thru September 2, we will be working with local entrepreneurs in each destination to highlight what they do and bring you this online experience.  Learn from these creators how they do what they do, and why what they do will inspire you to #TakeItToTheLake this summer.

#TakeItToTheLake Creators Showcase schedule is as follows, is:

  • Aug 5 – Lac La Biche Region
  • Aug 12 – M. D. of Bonnyville
  • Aug 19 – Town of Vermilion and area
  • Aug 26 – Athabasca County
  • Sept 2 – Metis Crossing

RSVP today for the #TakeItToTheLake Creators Showcase herego backstage to how they all do what they do! Please share this post and spread the word so everyone can #Takeittothelake this summer!