Go East of Edmonton Nominated for 2 Awards

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We are pleased to formally announce that we have recently been nominated for 2 Awards.

1. A Spirit of Community Award Nomination… Go East of Edmonton (Kevin & Jolene Kisilevich) were nominated for a Vegreville and Area Chamber of Commerce Spirit of Community award, which recognizes individuals and organizations who go above and beyond to support and be involved in helping the Community at large. The award ceremony is being held Wednesday October 23, 2019.

2. A Prestigious Alberta Tourism Award Nomination… The judging results for the Alto Awards have been tabulated and we are pleased to advise that Go East of Edmonton is a finalist for the 2019 Marketing Partnership Alto Award.

The Alto Alberta Tourism awards are a very prestigious and competitive Tourism award and to be nominated for Marketing is an achievement in itself. The award nominees for 2019 are dominated by much larger Tourism organizations from Edmonton, Calgary and the Rocky Mountains. To be nominated amongst such successful tourism organizations will certainly benefit the region as Go East of Edmonton will be promoted to over 600 delegates who are the top tourism professionals from around Alberta.

Alberta Tourism asked us these 4 questions to get insight into this Award Nomination. See below to learn more about it…

1. What aspect are you most proud of in regards to your nomination? The hard work from our team of staff that went into running this digital campaign, and the amazing results that we achieved that directly benefited our partners and the Go East of Edmonton region.

2. What does it mean to you and your organization to be a finalist for the Alto Awards? We are honoured to be nominated. Our team regards this as a prestigious nomination, and we are proud of how this partnership is a true collaboration of the Tourism Organization (DMO) with Communities, Travel Alberta and Digital Marketing Consultants, whose expertise when all combined together makes for a winning formula for success. It is also gratification and recognition for all the hard work we have done in a short period of time to become the leading organization for tourism in the region.

3. Is there a behind-the-scenes tidbit or special detail you’d like to share about your project or how the nomination came to be? It’s years in the making. For three years in a row we have sustained above average results that have exceeded not only our expectations, but our digital consultants who activate the campaign continue to say there is something special about Go East of Edmonton. They state that while other tourism campaigns usually level off or decline after a few years – ours continues to grow, and that we have not yet peaked with much more potential for growth. Every year our partnership grows and so does our ROI of referrals and leads to partners. Our nomination enables us to share “Our story” which is having such a positive impact for tourism for our region.

4. Anything to add? This is very timely for us here at Go East of Edmonton Regional Tourism. It has been a year of milestones reached in both tourism marketing and development. The award nomination comes right as we are completing one-of a-kind tourism development projects, while at the same time our marketing results have tabulated an incredible climb in traffic and engagement. We are so excited to share that the total growth over the past few years has far surpassed anything ever done in tourism in this region.

The Alto Alberta Tourism Award winners will be announced by October 29, 2019.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Go East of Edmonton. We are pleased and excited to be working with your Community and Businesses and to continue the tourism growth for the benefit of us all.
Kevin D. Kisilevich – Marketing and Project Manager for Digital Campaign-
Alto Nomination GO EAST of Edmonton Regional Tourism

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