The Best of the Markets According to Camrose

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We want to help guide you through some of the markets and farm stores all around Camrose County. There are farmers’ markets, year-round markets, farm stores and butcher shops to visit, and farm tours to take. You can actually visit the Duggan Mall in Camrose twice a week for local market shopping. But we’d rather leave it up to the people who know Camrose best to help guide you.

This isn’t just a guide to shopping in Camrose. This is the best of market shopping according to Camrose. There is a lot more to browse in Camrose, too, between boutiques, apparel, sporting items, and handmade decor- visit for the full directory.

1. Camrose & District Farmers’ Market

You can shop locally every Saturday of the year at Camrose’s Duggan Mall. The weekly indoor market supplies residents with a variety of vendors, their seasonal offerings, and occasional live music.

Saturdays 10am to 1pm; year-round

Feature vendor: MoonDruid

You can find MoonDruid and their delicious berry pies, dinner pies, preserves, or frozen berries, at a few different area markets. These farmers are regulars at the Camrose & District Farmers’ Market where you can browse their latest and freshest farm foods.

“Amazing Jams, Jellies and other tasty, pickled veggies!”

2. Downtown Camrose Market

During the summer months, Mainstreet Camrose hosts its annual open-air market. This time around guests can expect it to be bigger than previous years with more food and vendors, and live music to fill the air. During the fall and winter months, the market moves indoors to The Bailey Theatre so you can find much of the same wonderful goods and produce right up until the end of the year.

The outdoor market is open Thursdays 4 pm to 7 pm; from early June to mid-September every year (June 10th until September 16th in 2021).

The winter market is open Thursdays from 3 pm to 6 pm; from mid-October to late December (October 14th to December 23rd in 2021).

Please Note – as this is an indoor venue, COVID rules are in effect: masks and social distancing are required, but no proof of vaccination is needed.

Feature vendor: The Tasty Pinoy
You can order hot and ready-to-eat meals from the Tasty Pinoy to fuel your day of shopping, but you can also take some of their fresh-baked goods home for later. A highly recommended option is their Chakoy, a baked pastry offered in four different flavours: Sugar, Cinnamon Sugar, Vanilla Pecan, or Summer Delight.

“Their food is simply DELICIOUS! Brought some goodies home from the market last week (dessert included) and could NOT be happier! 😋😋”

3. Irvings Farm Fresh

The delicious pork offered up by Irvings is a result of their natural approach: this local farm raises free-range Berkshire pigs and produce a variety of pork products free of fillers. You can visit their farm store and browse their stock of bacon (made in so many ways!), sausages, roast, and a list of other products from around Alberta like preserves or cosmetics.

10am to 4pm; Thursday to Saturday

Feature product: British Favourites

A lot of the processes at Irvings come from long-standing British traditions. They even offer a specific taste of Great Britain with several of their pork products: dry-cured bacon chops, Gammon steak, Lincolnshire sausage, or boneless loin roast, to name just a few.

“We had tried their sausages before and loved their flavour but have now discovered a few more items that we would definitely buy again. The owner was super helpful with his suggestions which helped our meals stick with what was more traditional to Britain. THANK YOU!”

4. Rose City Farmers’ Market

The Duggan Mall is busy all week hosting vendors, farmers, and local producers; Thursdays included! On Thursday afternoons you can take a stroll around the mall to stock up on groceries like seasonal vegetables and farm fresh eggs, or handmade products like clothing, preserves, or beauty essentials.

Thursdays 1pm to 5pm; year-round

Feature vendor: Perogie Pot

You can taste the Perogie Pot’s handmade dumplings in either Onion and Cottage Cheese, Bacon Cheddar, or Feta Dill, and these are normally on the menu at each market. But catch them at Rose City Market to check out what’s on the rotating menu: you’ll find seasonal pierogi flavours, spicy flavours, an assortment of baked goods, or other appetizers.

“I bought your perogies in Hanna yesterday, so good, in fact, the best that I have ever bought at a market.”

5. Bashaw Farmers’ Market

The beauty of the Bashaw Farmers’ Market is made up of its vendors, its products, and its location. In addition to all the great local goods you can shop for, the Market is also home to a picnic site, trail system, and the Bashaw Tourist Information Centre.

Fridays 4pm to 7pm; mid June to early September every year

Feature vendor: Tamarack Jack’s Honey & Meadery

Thanks to the work of many busy bees, and the honey specialists at Tamarack Jack’s, this local producer offers a wide array of mead drinks and honey treats. They currently have 19 mead drinks to try as well as raw honey, beeswax, and cosmetic products.

“The best mead I swear. Such different flavors and the nicest people! For sure stopping in again on another road trip. Highly recommend 👌”

6. Lazuli Farms

You can expect some shopping and some education when you visit Lazuli Farms. You can visit the store any Saturday to shop their meat cuts of pork, beef, or lamb, their charcuterie arrangements, sides, preserves, and other edible goodies. And in the summers, Lazuli offers farm tours and a sneak peek behind the scenes.

11am to 2pm; Saturdays

Feature product: Charcuterie Experience

These kits are a DIY charcuterie including everything you need to make a beautiful board. You can now sign up for their December Charcuterie Experiences- these occur four times a year.

“Awesome to see a family all engaged in the overall product. Thank you Bartman’s for showing us around the farm.”

7. Miquelon Lake Market

Within Miquelon Lake Provincial Park are several ways to enjoy the outdoors and each summer the park hosts a weekly open-air market to add more things to do here. The Park is also home to a beach, providing a perfect picnic area where you can enjoy some of your market finds.

Fridays 4pm to 8pm; late June to early September every year

8. Camrose County Food Artisans

The CCFA can ensure you don’t miss a beat on the local growers, producers, and processors around Camrose County. This local collective helps to bring attention to each different farm, market, or butcher shop by hosting events and promoting around the community.

Use this Guide from the CCFA to help you on your next shopping trip.

Additional ways to explore Camrose’s shops, markets, farm stores, and more, are offered in their annual Travel Guide.