Boating, Barbecuing and Chillin with Ice Cream in Athabasca County

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– Jeremy Derksen for #TakeItToTheLake

Lake life has a certain glamour and luxury associated with it, making it seem unattainable to some. But there’s an easy formula for a fun day on the water in Athabasca County, even if you don’t have the lakeside cottage and all the toys.

Have your boat chauffeured right to the lake

Athabasca Boat Rentals makes it easy to enjoy the perks of the lake. All you need to do is show up with your beach towels and sunscreen. Boats are delivered right to the shore and set in the water, meaning no trailer to haul or boat launch to navigate. It’s a great option for people who want to have a day or two (maybe a long weekend?) of carefree lake fun, without the cost and commitment of owning.

Plan your day’s activities

Are you going to fish? Chill with a book? Daydream with some tunes? Or swim? Or maybe go joyriding on a Sea-Doo? It’s a big lake and a long day. Why not do all of the above?

#TakeItToTheLake this summer, hit the water – learn more here!

Bar-B on the boat

On a larger pontoon boat, a compact barbecue (like a Coleman) may come stocked or as an add-on, making it easy to cook up a hearty meal on board with very little effort. Bring some groceries along and you’re set for the day!

Ice cream on shore

The village of Boyle is only 30minutes from Athabasca and home of Momma C’s Ice Cream Shop. They serve up what are quite possibly the biggest scoops on the planet. A little side trip is a perfect way to break things up, or to wind up a great day on the lake.

Monster ice cream servings are standard at Momma C’s in Boyle, Alberta

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