Head to Lac La Biche for Easy, Family Beach Fun

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– story: Jeremy Derksen / photos: Paul Lavoie

Lac La Biche, AB – Planning a family vacation can become a big production when you’re trying to accommodate a variety of ages, interests and temperaments. But with a welcoming community, cozy hotels, nearby cultural attractions and an unbeatable beachfront, Lac La Biche makes it easy for the whole family, as Valerie and Sheldon Hunter have discovered.

Sand castles, beach balls, splashing in the water, a beach holiday in Lac La Biche is as easy as it gets. For the Hunter kids it’s a perfect formula for fun, and that makes it perfect for mom and dad too.


At the heart of town, with a sandy, shallow beach, the lakefront at McArthur Park is accessible to all ages. The Hunters set up shop here for the day. With the Lac La Kayak rental kiosk on site, they’re able to grab bikes to tour the waterfront, and come back to a pedal boat for a safe and easy way to get all four of them out on the water.

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When it’s time for a break from the sun and the heat, the Lac La Biche region is home to a number of cultural attractions. The Lac La Biche Museum, just a short walk up from the beach, features a permanent wildlife collection with a bear, wolverine and other animals that fascinate the kids.

Part of a vacation is getting a break from daily routines, so the Hunters skip the meal planning and prep and head for The Teal Meal Mobile by Top Shelf Grill. The food truck serves up hearty fare from classic poutine to tacos, to protein-heavy burgers.

It’s always possible to plan a bigger excursion but sometimes the simplest option with the freedom just to do as you please is the best one-size-fits-all solution for a family trip, and that is the essence of a Lac La “Beach” holiday.

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