Ice Fishing Adventures East of Edmonton

-Alberta FREE Family Fishing Weekend February 18-19, 2023

During Family Fishing Weekends, Albertans and visitors are encouraged to give fishing a try on waterbodies with open fishing seasons without having to purchase a sportfishing licence. If you are using a Special Harvest Licence (Walleye tag), the purchase of a sportfishing licence is still required.

Alberta hosts two Family Fishing Weekends each year:

February – over the Family Day long weekend
July – during the weekend following Canada Day

Ice Fishing Experiences

Anglers Bait Tackle & More

Ice Fishing Tours from January to March & Ice Fishing Shacks for rent.
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Wicked Watersport Rentals

NTJ rentals and Wicked watersport rentals have teamed up to rent Ice shacks.
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All Lakes and Fish Types

Know Before You Go

Check the Regulations For:

  • Fishing season & common species identification
  • Bait bans & gear restrictions
  • Catch & size limits

Download your licence on the Alberta Relm App for easy access.

Grab Your Gear

  • Ice Auger
  • Ice fishing rod & reel
  • Lures
  • Gloves & Pliers
  • Measuring Board
  • Nail clippers or knife
  • First aid kit
  • extra clothing
  • camera

Keep Fish Wet

If a fish must be removed from the water, minimize the time it is out of the water. Never place the fish directly on the ice.

Exposure to freezing air temperature and human touch will damage the gills and eyes. Do not touch them or squeeze the fish!

For fish being released, remove the hook while the fish is in the water, without handling it if possible. If you plan to keep your catch, measure the fish as quickly as possible to determine if the fish is legal to keep.

If taking a photo, get your camera ready while the fish is still in the water.

Gently release headfirst. Allow them to swim away on their own.
Proper fish handling increases the chances they will survive, grow, and reproduce. We all have a roll to play to keep fish in our future!

Minimum Ice Thickness

Guidelines for loads parked for more than 2 hours but less than 7 days on clear, good quality ice.

2 Inches (5cm) KEEP OFF!

6 Inches (15cm) ice fishing and foot traffic

10 Inches (25cm) snowmobiles and light ATV's LESS THAN 500KG

16 Inches (41cm) Mid-size cars and small trucks 1000-2000KG

18 Inches (46cm) Mid-size trucks 2000-3000KG

21.5 Inches (55cm) 3/4 ton 4x4 trucks up to 5000KG

Fish Handling Tips

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