Dining in Camrose

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The fall activities around Camrose probably have you a little hungry. Luckily, there is great local dining around many corners of Camrose and outside city limits.

You can start your day off right with the many local cafés. Between places like Fiona’s, the Lefse House, or a long list of others, you can get your morning fix of something sweet, something savoury, or your fix of a caffeinated beverage- it’s not just coffees you’ll find in these cafes: many offer specialty or blended coffee drinks, too. You can consider many of these cafes for later in the day, and peruse their lunch menus for handhelds, light snacks, soups, or salads.

Your evening plans can conclude with a visit to historic downtown where you’ll find gastropubs, sports pubs, excellent local eats, and best of all: dessert!

Cafes – Breakfast & Lunch

Fiona’s, Downtown Camrose

You can head to Fiona’s for a few different types of experiences: before you order, browse the locally made gifts; then take a look through their handmade baked goods; to finish things off, choose your cup of joe from their Fair Trade Coffee menu, or relax with tea. All of their flour is organic, and many of these tasty baked treats like pies, breads, or cookies can come as gluten-free, too. On the more savoury side of things, Fiona’s also creates homemade soups, sandwiches, and breakfast pastries.

Catering services also available


The Lefse House, Downtown Camrose

This downtown bakery curates an authentic Scandinavian experience for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner through a mix of their atmosphere and their menu. The cafe is lined with dozens of unique gifts, cultural pieces, and art for purchase, and is filled with the aroma of the freshly baked and cooked food- all with that northern European twist. Some delectable lunch items with that twist include their Lefse Wrap (your choice of protein), Norwegian Nachos, Swedish Meatballs, or the Smoked Salmon Plate. But a must try for any coffee lover/connessier is their Norwegian Coffee, guaranteed to put a jump in your step. 

Catering services also available


If your stay in Camrose covers more than a day, then you’ll have several more options for places where you can sit and relax, get comfy with a warm drink, or maybe even get in a bit of work. If the warm fall weather persists, you may even get to enjoy your coffee or tea out on a patio. 

G.O.A.T Coffee Co., Camrose

Cafe with hot coffee, specialty drinks, teas, and other warm creations.

FIKA Coffeehouse, Downtown Camrose

Cafe with coffee, specialty drinks, teas, freshly baked breakfast items, and a lunch menu.

Fox & Fable Book & Game Café, Downtown Camrose

Board game cafe with a local craft beer menu, a lunch menu, local book sales, and a huge shelf of board games to rent out during your visit.

Metal Kettle, Camrose

Cafe offering a full breakfast and lunch menu including sandwiches, soup, salads, and burgers.



Double Dam Golf Course Restaurant, Rosalind

A short drive from Camrose to Rosalind can bring you to a gorgeous fall setting for a quiet dinner. The Double Dam Golf Course’s restaurant can cover you for dinner, post-game drinks, or a light snack. The appetizer menu includes many pub favourites, while the mains put a fine-dining twist on some basics. All of the 6oz. Burger patties are hand-crafted and considered a must-try, while some of their handhelds can have you passing on dessert for the evening.

Camrose Resort & Casino, Camrose

Here, you’ll be able to fit in a bit of play with your wining and/or dining. If it is a more adult evening to include the casino and some drinks, then the Joker’s Den Pub within the Resort can offer several snacks and mains to fuel an evening of fun. Before hitting the casino, you can relax in the Den with a game of pool, a live show, or a DJ-set. 

If your dinner or evening will include the whole family, the Resort can also accommodate your dinner in coming months at their Redwood Family Restaurant, opening soon!

Hart House Wine & Tapa, Downtown Camrose

Good food. Good wine. Sometimes it is that simple, and Hart House delivers on both good things and more. The historic setting (the Hart House was built in 1918!) combined with the restaurant’s welcoming atmosphere make it an easy place to relax. You and your family can kick-back for a while to enjoy their wine selection, their Italian-inspired entrees, or their long list of tapas. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates to their menu for the fall.

The Borough, Downtown Camrose 

Pay a welcome visit to one of Camrose’s newest eateries, The Borough- located in the historic downtown area. Upon your visit you’ll get to enjoy strictly local products from nearby producers through their culinary menu of starters and mains. A visit here is a great opportunity to try something new!


The selection of local eats in Camrose can keep you full well after your visit, and there are several more options to choose from when it comes to either a fun-filled family dinner, a quiet evening for two, or a celebration with friends. 

Overtime Tap House, Camrose

A sports bar featuring pub-style appetizers and mains, curbside liquor pickup, and a large pizza menu.

Hagar’s Café (Norsemen Inn), Camrose

An all-day cafe located in the Norsemen Inn with several monthly dining events for special occasions.

Steampunk Café (Alice Hotel), Downtown Camrose

Offering pub-style food in a unique cafe atmosphere- with the “Best Fish and Chips Ever.”

Camrose Pizza Unlimited, Downtown Camrose

A family restaurant specializing in pizza pies.

Skyway Family Restaurant, Camrose

A family owned and operated Chinese/Thai restaurant.

Truffles Restaurant, Camrose

A family restaurant offering live entertainment and nightly specials.



No foodie outing is complete without the most important meal of the day: dessert! If your dining experience in Camrose brings you to their historic downtown area, then a visit to MainStreet 1908 could be on your menu. This old-school style ice cream parlour can serve your dessert by the delicious scoopful, or provide a settling after-dinner coffee drink.

If you’re here for the summer, any outdoor activity can end with a trip to Oleo’s in Mirror Lake Park. This summer ice cream stand operates near the main parking lot and Visitor’s Centre along paths which can take you to all corners of Camrose.

MainStreet 1908, Downtown Camrose

Oleo’s Ice Cream Castle, Camrose’s Mirror Lake Park

(Open May to September)