Cultural Explorations in Lac La Biche Provide a Rich Palette for Learning & Adventure

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Jeremy Derksen

#TakeItToTheLake #NEAB

Lac La Biche County, AB – As early morning sun begins to burn away the dew at Hideaway Adventure Grounds in Kikino Metis Settlement, Amy Stewart and Ali Cole emerge to a forest alive with wonder. The two friends spent the previous night in a trapper’s tent in the boreal forest, here on a journey of cultural and nature exploration.

It’s one of several ways to get to know some of Alberta’s diverse heritage, in the spacious, beautiful natural setting of Lac La Biche. Here are some tips to start you off on a great adventure through the region.

Stay at Hideaway and learn

Just south of Lac La Biche on Kikino Metis Settlement, Hideaway Adventure Grounds is a wilderness campground run by John Ritchie. Being Metis, he shares teachings from his Indigenous heritage with visitors here. You can stay in a trapper’s tent or bring your own, but be sure to book an experience for a richer stay with an Indigenous cultural connection.

Enrich your visit to Lac La Biche with cultural exploration when you #TakeItToTheLake in #NEAB.

Check out a world class Indigenous art collection

Art, whether painting, carving or craftwork, is an essential part of Indigenous cultural expression. Make a stop at the Museum of Aboriginal Peoples’ Art and Artifacts in Portage College inLac La Biche, to admire iconic works by the Professional Native Indian Artists Incorporated (PNIAI), often known colloquially as the Indigenous Group of Seven. MOAPAA is the only permanent collection of the collective’s work.

Grab some Lebanese takeout for a picnic by the lake

At The Cafe on Main, hospitality is ingrained in the owners’ Lebanese roots, and food is a way to welcome people. Flavours of lemon, garlic, parsley and other spices combine in rich traditional dishes perfect for a picnic by one of the scenic lakeside viewpoints on Lac La Biche.

Of course, there’s also the Lac La Biche Mission, Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park and many other attractions to visit as well, and the lake itself for some beachside relaxation.

Read more about Lac La Biche cultural experiences and discover the adventure you can have when you #TakeItToTheLake in #NEAB.