Electric Roadtrips East of Edmonton

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Did you know that you can explore our beautiful region in an Electric Vehicle (EV)?   The range of new EVs have been extending in recent years, with some now having ranges of 640 km (400 miles) or more.  If your EV doesn’t quite have that range, you’re still in luck, as there are over 20 areas with recharging stations in our region.

Tips for an EV Roadtrip

  • External battery packs, similar in size to a jerry can, allow you to charge your EV at remote locations.
    Determine if your destination requires standard plugs or an external battery for charging.
    You will save time and money by leaving once the battery is 70-80% charged, as charging generally slows down after that 80% is reached, and the long-term health of the battery improves if it isn’t charged to 100%.
  • Some public charging stations can be activated with a credit card, while others require a smartphone app or tap-card. Use charging stations tools like PlugShare or ChargeHub to find this information in advance.
  • Cold weather can reduce your EV range by up to 18.5% and using A/C in hot weather can reduce the range by 17%, so be sure to account for any extreme temperatures.
  • Carry a battery booster in your emergency kit. Electric vehicles have big batteries to drive their motors, but they also have 12V car batteries to run the infotainment, lights, and other accessories. The large battery recharges the 12-volt battery, but if that 12-volt battery runs dead for any reason, the vehicle will not be able to start.

—- Check out our Map of EV Charging Stations

Northeast of Edmonton – Hwy 2


Located a short 45-minute drive from Edmonton, Legal is recognized as the French Mural Capital of Canada. Visitors can admire over 35 vibrant murals that are proudly showcased throughout the town, each telling a unique story of Legal’s rich cultural heritage. 
>>> Where to recharge:
Legal Arena – 4720 51 Ave, Legal (J-1772 plug)

Town of Legal Office – 5021 50 St, Legal (J-1772 plug)
>>> Plan your trip here – Town of Legal


The Town of Athabasca offers stunning natural scenery and a friendly atmosphere, just 90 minutes from Edmonton. Visitors can take a self-guided tour of the historic downtown, enjoy a delicious meal at one of the many local restaurants, or browse through charming vintage shops, all while admiring the beautiful hanging flower baskets. 
>>> Where to recharge: PetroCanada – 4922 51 St, Athabasca (J-1772 plug)
>>> Plan your trip here – Athabasca Region

Northeast of Edmonton – Hwy 28 –

Bon Accord

Take in the beauty of the parks and the Dark Sky Walking Trail in Bon Accord, a distinguished International Dark Sky Community only a 40-minute drive from Edmonton. Nearby, you will find a family-owned and operated farmPrairie Gardens and Adventure Farm.
>>> Where to recharge:
Town Office – 5025 50 Ave, Bon Accord (Evlution J-1772 plug)

Bon Accord Hall – 5025 50 Ave, Bon Accord (Evlution J-1772 plug)
Bon Accord Arena – 4812 52 St, Bon Accord (J-1772, Flo CHAdeMO, Flo CCS/SAE)
>>> Plan your trip here – Town of Bon Accord


Gibbons offers a serene getaway with its abundant green spaces, such as Oliver Park and the Gibbons Historic Museum, conveniently located a short 38-minute drive from Edmonton. Here, visitors can explore historic buildings showcasing a variety of fascinating tools, equipment, and artifacts that tell unique stories from the past century. 
>>> Where to recharge:
Gibbons Arena – 5004 51 Ave, Gibbons (Flo CHAdeMO, Flo CCS/SAE)

Gibbons Town Office – 4807 50 Ave, Gibbons (Flo J-1772)
Cultural Centre – 5115 51 St, Gibbons (Flo J-1772)
>>> Plan your trip here – Town of Gibbons


Discovery Derrick No. 1, North America’s largest free-standing oil derrick, is in the town’s center. It stands as a symbol of the town’s rich oil industry heritage and is conveniently located only 53 minutes from Edmonton.
>>> Where to recharge: Pembina Place – 4944 53 St, Redwater (J-1772 plug)


The former rail line, serving as the starting point of the Iron Horse Trail’s western end, offers 260 km of multi-use activities. Visit in August to participate in the family-friendly Fair Days event hosted by the local community, located just over an hour away from Edmonton.  
>>> Where to recharge: Waskatenau Community Centre – 5104 50 St, Waskatenau (J-1772 plug)
>>> Plan your trip here – Village of Waskatenau

Smoky Lake

Smoky Lake, situated an hour and a half away from Edmonton, is known as the Pumpkin Capital of Alberta, hosting the famous Pumpkin Park and the annual Great White North Pumpkin Weigh-off & Fair in October — a very popular event! 

Nearby is Métis Crossing, providing luxurious lodge accommodations and the option to stay in one of their sky-watching domes. Guests can enjoy stargazing before falling asleep and then partake in signature Indigenous experiences. 

>>> Where to recharge:
Pumpkin Park – 358 W Railway Dr, Smoky Lake (J-1772 plug)
Town of Smoky Lake  – 66 Wheatland Ave, Smoky Lake (J-1772 plug)
Agricultural Complex – 4612 54 Ave, Smoky Lake (J-1772 plug)
Métis Crossing Lodge – 17339 Victoria Trail, Smoky Lake (J-1772 plug)
Métis Crossing Sky-Watching Domes – 17327 Victoria Trail #2, Smoky Lake (Tesla)
>>> Plan your trip here – Town of Smoky Lake and Metis Crossing

St. Paul

Looking for an out-of-this-world experience? Don’t miss the chance to explore the UFO Landing pad in St. Paul, which also serves as the Visitor Information Centre. For a journey through history, visit Musée St. Paul to learn about the town’s origins as a Métis colony, the arrival of the homesteaders, and the agricultural history of the area through various displays located 2 hours away from Edmonton. 
>>> Where to recharge: Zarowny Motors – 5508 50 Ave, St. Paul (J-1772 plug)
>>> Plan your trip here – Town of St. Paul

Elk Point

Elk Point, situated 2 hours from Edmonton, is home to the 32-foot statue of explorer Peter Fidler along the highway on the north end of town. 
Another popular attraction in the area is the Fort George and Buckingham House Provincial Historic Site, situated along the majestic North Saskatchewan River. 
>>> Where to recharge:
Town of Elk Point – 4904 50 Ave, Elk Point (J-1772 plug)
Heinsburg – Water Tower Campsite – Iron Horse Trail Staging Area (Nema TT-30)
>>> Plan your trip here – Town of Elk Point


Escape to the perfect retreat just 2.5 hours away from Edmonton and explore the untouched beauty of Alberta’s pristine lakes and sandy beaches.With over a dozen lakes nearby, you have plenty of activities to choose from including boating, fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, or simply unwinding on the beach. Vezeau Beach on Moose Lake, which is also home to the charming Shaw House, serves as the Visitor Information Centre for the area. 
The Bonnyville & District Museum showcases various exhibits, including a statue of Angus Shaw, an explorer and fur trader from the late 1700s.  
>>> Where to recharge:
Microtel Inn & Suites – 5409 Lakeland Rd, Bonnyville (ChargerQuest J-1772)
Bonnyville Centralized High School – 4808 49 St, Bonnyville (J-1772)
>>> Plan your trip here – Town of Bonnyville

Cold Lake

Located just over 3 hours (293 km) northeast of Edmonton, Cold Lake Marina is a beautiful sight to explore for those longing for water adventures. Close by, Kinosoo Beach stretches across three blocks, offering a great spot for families to enjoy. If you’re looking for some excitement, the Kinosoo Aerial Adventure Park is the perfect place for those wanting to climb and discover new heights! 
>>> Where to recharge:
4 Wing Base Hospital – 674 Kingsway, Cold Lake (Flo J-1772)
City Hall – North side – 5513 48 Ave, Cold Lake (Flo J-1772)
Energy Centre – 7825 51 Street, Cold Lake (Flo CHAdeMO)
>>> Plan your trip here – City of Cold Lake


East  of Edmonton – Hwy 16

Sherwood Park

Explore the rich history of Sherwood Park by strolling along the Heritage Mile. Only a short drive from Edmonton, this historic street is home to heritage buildings dating back to before Sherwood Park existed. Walk, bike, jog, or drive down “the mile” while you admire the 1920 Smeltzer House Centre for the Arts and Culture, Monument Park, Smyth Farm, and other fascinating landmarks along the way. The Heritage Mile stretches from the Broadmoor Boulevard traffic circle to Main Boulevard, offering a journey through timeDon’t miss out on their fantastic Farmers Markets held during the summer season! 
>>> Where to recharge:
Peavey Mart – 2325 Broadmoor Blvd #100, Sherwood Park (J-1772)
Sherwood Park Hyundai – 41 Automall Rd, Sherwood Park (J-1772)
Sherwood Park AMA – 101 Bremner Dr, Sherwood Park (Shell Sky EV J-1772)
The Market – 201 Festival Way, Sherwood Park (Tesla)
Strathcona County Community Center – 401 Festival Ln, Sherwood Park (J-1772)
Sherwood Centre – 1020 Sherwood Dr, Sherwood Park (J-1772)
>>> Plan your trip here – Strathcona County

Elk Island National Park

Conveniently located only 42 minutes away from Edmonton, you can hike or bike over 80 km of trails, rent canoes to explore the islands on Astotin Lake, participate in a free program, or borrow a geo-caching kit and enjoy a nearly 200 square kilometer scavenger hunt. This gentle wilderness of aspen woodlands, prairie meadows, and pockets of wetland is a wildlife-watchers paradise; free-roaming bison, elk, deer, moose, and more than 250 bird species call this place home. Want to go yurt camping and glamp it up?  You can do that too at Elk Island Retreat just west of the park! 
>>> Where to recharge: Elk Island National Park – Visitor Parking – Improvement District No. 13 (J-1772, Tesla)
>>> Plan your trip here – Elk Island National Park


The breathtaking and symbolic Pysanka is located at Pysanka Park at the east end of town, on the north side of Highway 16.  There are lots of activities to enjoy while visiting the Giant Easter Egg! Visit the Visitor Information Centre and Borrow-A-Bike, rent a paddle boat or play mini-golf at Pysanka Putt Putt! There’s plenty to do and see in this warm community and they host highly anticipated events such as the Ukrainian Pysanka Festival in July and the annual Vegreville Country Fair in August. The best part?  It’s only a 1-hour drive from Edmonton!
>>> Where to recharge:  Canadian Tire – 6623 Hwy 16a W, Vegreville (Tesla, Flo Level 3 DCFC 50kW)
>>> Plan your trip here – Town of Vegreville


Located a 2.5-hour drive from Edmonton, Lloydminster is home to the World’s Largest Border Markers.  These towering markers, reaching a height of 100 feet, proudly stand in front of City Hall, symbolizing the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan. Bud Miller Park is also a favourite destination, which frequently hosts exciting events and activities. 
>>> Where to recharge:
Rolling Green Fairways Golf Course & RV – Range Rd 13, Blackfoot (Nema 14-50)
Popeye’s – 8288 44 St, Lloydminster (Flo J-1772)
Peavey Mart – 7802 44 St, Lloydminster (J-1772)
Cornerstone Shopping Centre – 7405 44 St, Lloydminster (Tesla, Flo Level 3 DCFC 50kW)
Holiday Inn – Coming Soon – 5612 44 St, Lloydminster (J-1772)
Lloyd Mall – 5211 44 St, Lloydminster (Flo J-1772)
Microtel Inn & Suites – 4257 44 St, Lloydminster (ChargerQuest J-1772)
Ulmer Chevrolet – 2101 50 Avenue, Lloydminster (J-1772)


Southeast of Edmonton – Hwy 14 


Two hours southeast of Edmonton, you will find Wainwright, the Buffalo Capital of Canada.  Stop and take your photo at Canada’s largest Buffalo Statue and go to the Bud Cotton Buffalo Paddock to see the live bison herd at the CFB Wainwright gates. Downtown features include a beautifully restored business district with unique shops in buildings from the 1929 era and the free-standing Memorial Clock Tower, built in 1925. You can also enjoy serenity of Wallace Park with its walking trails, picnic tables, and a playground surrounded by three connecting ponds.
>>> Where to recharge:
Denwood Motors – 2202 14 Ave, Wainwright (Flo CHAdeMO, Flo CCS/SAE)
Best Western Wainwright – Coming Soon – 1209 27 St, Wainwright (J-1772)
Norris Ford – 2929 15 Avenue, Wainwright (J-1772)
>>> Plan your trip here – Town of Wainwright

Southeast of Edmonton – Hwy 13


Just 40 minutes (60km) south of Edmonton is the City of Wetaskiwin, filled with history, excellent shopping, and enjoyable activities. Be sure to explore the international award-winning Reynolds-Alberta Museum, where you can journey through the evolutions of vehicles. 
>>> Where to recharge:
Adams Chevrolet Buick GMC – 5402 56 St, Wetaskiwin (Flo CHAdeMO, Flo CCS/SAE)
Peavey Mart – 5710 40 Ave, Wetaskiwin (J-1772)
Wetaskiwin City Hall – 4705 50 Ave, Wetaskiwin (EV Gateway J-1772)d


Camrose is a vibrant city known for its welcoming atmosphere, providing a peaceful escape only an hour away from Edmonton. The serene parks and charming downtown make it a perfect spot to unwind and have a good time. Be sure to check out the popular Big Valley Jamboree, a premier outdoor music festival held every August, featuring top country music artists    
>>> Where to recharge:
AMA Parking Lot – 6702 48 Ave, Camrose (Shell Sky EV Technology J-1772)
Peavey Mart – 4815 66 St, Camrose (J-1772)
McClellan Wheaton Chevrolet – 3850 48 Ave, Camrose (J-1772, Flo CHAdeMO, Flo CCS/SAE)
D&D Sales – 4725 38 St, Camrose (Tesla)
>>> Plan your trip here – City of Camrose

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